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Instructions and Resources to Get a New Job Quickly

Thanks for stopping by. I know your time is valuable, so I will keep this short. With everything that has happened in the world this year, the job market is now even tougher than before.

As a former recruiter and active job search advisor, I know what works. Getting a job quickly comes down to 3 things: a good resume & cover letter combo that will make you stand out; effective job search techniques to find targeted positions and reduce your competition; and interview skills that will get you hired.

If you need help with your resume, finding a new job or passing your interviews, this offer provides effective job search resources on all three levels. 

If you can follow instructions, you can get a new job quickly. Plus, you will receive one on one support to answer your questions.

You will receive a zip file with the following items:

  • 20 professional resume/ CV templates in MS Word
  • 10 situational cover letters in MS Word
  • Customization instructions in a PDF
  • 2,000+ resume skills list by job category in a PDF
  • Job Search Guide (how to find local, remote and unadvertised jobs)
  • Sample emails and phone call scripts in a PDF
  • Interview Guide - how to get an interview quickly, what to do before, during and after your interviews + sample Interview questions (questions you may be asked, questions to consider asking and questions not to ask) 
  • BONUS: 130 Companies Hiring Remotely

Here are some of the templates that are included.

Once you begin using my insider tips, you will get better results from your job search. You won't get a deal like this anywhere else. Let's get started!

All the best,

Angela Williams

P.S. If you want to sample before buying, grab my free MS Word resume template and job search tips sheet HERE.

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